Atlantic Security Systems offers a variety of services within the general description of a security systems contractor. Whichever facet of service(s) a potential customer is interested in, three things are central to our philosophy. They are reliability, availability, and accountability. These ideas are the legs that support our Commitment of Excellence that we strive for. Some of the services we offer are:
Some of the services we offer are:
  • Burglar Alarm System Installation
    We believe that any burglar alarm should provide true security; a poorly designed or less adequate system is sometimes worse than no system at all. It gives the untrue impression of security that can be dangerous.
  • Fire Alarm System Installation
    While all commercial fire alarm systems are required to meet applicable codes (and are inspected by local authorities), many if not most, residential retrofits are not overseen by anyone. Therefore, it is important that the same guidelines are followed as with Burglary systems.
  • CCTV Installation
    This is one of the fastest growing and most often abused categories. It is a state law that under G.S. 74B, all CCTV contractors have to be licensed security system professionals. We find that this law is often unknown or ignored. But, think about powerful as this technology has become, do you want someone who has not been investigated and vetted by the SBI providing surveillance of your home or business? We provide only professional quality equipment and installation. You should settle for no less.
  • Access Control
    Whether it is simple key code entry systems, biometric, or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered. Many of our systems are accessible remotely for faster and more secure administration and management.
  • System Consultation
    In some cases, we provide consulting services to facilities to enable “apples to apples” specifications. These are sometimes helpful to make sure that all proposals for service are equal.
  • Central Station Monitoring
    This can be as simple as alarm reporting or much more comprehensive services, such as Opening and Closing reports (supervised and unsupervised), Fire Alarm system monitoring, and many others. The signals are transmitted either by standard telephone lines, cellular radio, or high speed internet. Whatever the transmission medium, our system has a proven record for quick response and reliability. It is fully U.L. Listed and Factory Mutual Approved.
  • Fire Alarm System Inspection and Testing
    Every commercial fire alarm system is required to be tested and inspected at least once per year. We offer this service to everyone, whether they are a regular customer or not. After the inspection, the proper documentation is provided to satisfy that part of the requirement.
These are just the more common services we provide. Over the years, we’ve been involved in some unusual projects. We approach each one as an opportunity to broaden our knowledge base. Each job and system, while they use “off-the-shelf” components as much as possible, is unique. We will never try to force “cookie-cutter” solutions to solve a problem. The security of your home or business, and your family or employees, is far too valuable to trust to a provider to whom you are just another name on a spreadsheet. We live, work, and support our local community, and do not answer to some mega-corporation.

Instead, we daily work to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our customers. So, when considering any of the services we offer as compared to other companies, remember that the lowest cost is rarely the best deal.