Security 101 | Our Proposal Process

Our proposals for installations of Security Systems usually include an optional Fire Alarm component.

The proposals are listed as:

  • Basic Security
  • Full Perimeter Security
  • Optional Fire Alarm System

The Basic Security System provides intrusion protection on all exterior doors, and at least two interior motion sensors. As the name implies, this is the most basic form of our security system. The limitation of such a system is that entry through windows is only detected once an intruder is inside. While this may not be a concern in many cases, you should be aware of it.

The Full Perimeter Security System goes the extra step of protecting against glass breakage and entry by the use of wall mounted glassbreak sensor(s) as needed. These devices are designed to signal an alarm at the moment an intruder breaks a window in an entry attempt. As they are not affected by movement, they are both more stable than motion sensors, and can be used when you are in the house.

The Fire Alarm System Option includes smoke detectors at the locations as necessary or desired. These devices are designed to replace the smoke detectors that the electricians typically install. The advantage is these smoke detectors are monitored by the Security System, and will transmit an alarm to the fire department. For Commercial applications, it is very important to make sure that any other proposals you may get for this function include a U.L. Listed for Commercial Fire Alarm control panel. It may seem this is a given, but we see other contractors installing non-listed systems every day. Should you have a fire and a loss, your insurance company could refuse to pay on this basis. Even when your Security System is not “armed”, these devices are protecting your life and property, because they are always “on”. As with all of the versions, all of the equipment is U.L. Listed for Commercial or Residential use, according to application.

We try to give our potential customers all the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding our systems, especially when comparing ours to other estimates. As there are few building code requirements that cover security systems, it can sometimes be confusing to consumers. Our goal is to provide quality systems and service at affordable prices.

Some of our competitors are more interested in getting the job by using less than adequate coverage, cheaper equipment and installation practices, and covering it all with techno-babble explanations. We believe that the more knowledge a customer has, the better we look to them. For example, all of our wiring connections are soldered. This is more time consuming than using a wire nut or some other mechanical connector, but this is a permanent connection unaffected by corrosion. With the low signal strength used in all security systems, this is very important for continued trouble-free operation.

All of our systems use Custom Text Keypads. These keypads display the system in plain English, i.e. “Front Door”, instead of lights or numbers on the keypad that you have to decipher. Whenever possible, we use “wired” devices, which offer more reliable service and a much less expensive replacement cost, should this be necessary in the years to come. We do not offer “leases” that some other providers do. Our services are straight sales; you buy and then own all the equipment from day one. You are not required to sign any contract committing you to a long-term agreement. These are just a few of the reasons to not to assume that all proposals you may receive are equal.