Security 101 | Glassbreak Sensors vs. Motion Sensors

There are always questions regarding whether motion sensors or glassbreak sensors are best for a particular installation. In our opinion, glassbreak sensors are almost always a more secure option. There are several reasons for this, and we have listed them below.
Motion Sensors are not really "motion" sensors at all. They sense changes in infrared heat signatures of the area they are viewing. An object (not necessarily a person) moving across the viewing area changes this heat signature. Because of this method of operation, these sensors are vulnerable to environmental changes that may result in false alarms.
Motion Sensors are interior sensors. They cannot be used while you are at home. This means that when you arm your system while you in the building, part of your system must be bypassed.
Glassbreak Sensors are considered “perimeter” devices and, as such, are always “on” whenever the system is armed. This provides maximum protection whenever you use your system, while inside the premises or away.
As perimeter devices, Glassbreak Sensors are designed to detect an intruder while he is still outside, again maximizing your safety.
Glassbreak Sensors are also not affected by environmental changes, making them much more stable and false alarm resistant.