Commercial | Honeywell 5192 Series

Honeywell 5192 Series
The Honeywell 5192 Series low profile, addressable V-Plex smoke detectors deliver state-of-the-art features and benefits in a cost-effective package. These detectors are designed to provide open area coverage and are compatible with Honeywell's VISTA controls supporting V-Plex technology. An LED on the detector will blink periodically during normal conditions, remain on steady during alarm and cease to pulse if the chamber is out of acceptable sensitivity range.
An extremely powerful feature available within the 5192 Series is the Automatic Maintenance Alert/Reporting capability - a feature normally found in today's high end analog addressable systems. The detectors continually monitor their own sensitivity levels in addition to the basic normal and alarm conditions. These HIGH and LOW SENSITIVITY signals are communicated back to the control, via the V-Plex addressable loop, to indicate locally and at the central station that the detector may not be able to detect smoke or may false alarm. This feature works with VISTA-32FB, 128BP, 128FBP, 250BP, 250FBP, 40, 50P, 100-24 and FAP FA1600C, FA1660C and FA1700C. More important is the cost saving associated with Automatic Maintenance Reporting. The feature is an approved alternate to NFPA 72 field sensitivity calibration testing that require external test meters. This eliminates the need to schedule inspections to determine detector sensitivity/viability. Another important benefit of these V-Plex (addressable) smoke detectors is their ability to operate on existing wiring. There is no need to run special twisted pair, data grade or shielded wires, providing you with the right choice for all your retrofit applications. That equates to cost savings in time and materials!


  • Low profile design
  • V-Plex addressable loop device
  • Automatic maintenance reporting
  • Available with integral heat sensor
  • Simple 2 wire installation
  • DIP switch or serial number programmable
  • Lines on existing or conventional wiring